Press release of the 119th “Cross-Strait Talk”
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At 7:30 p.m. on March 10, the 119th “Cross-Strait Talk” (General 195th), hosted by China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) and Xiamen Qidataixiang Entrepreneurship Service Co., Ltd. , was successfully held at the Tencent Conference with the theme of “The United States wants to liberate Taiwan by ammunition, and is the plan of destroying Taiwan really going to be carried out?’”.

A few days ago, a Taiwan soldier on Matsus Xiju Island wrote on the beach asking for help, saying that there was no meat in the kitchen of the Matsu Defense Command. After the news was exposed, it caused a great uproar. Although this problem has not yet been thoroughly resolved, on the other hand, Taiwans Department of Defense confirmed that the Taiwan authorities are negotiating with the United States to possibly transfer the armaments inventory of the United States in East Asia to Taiwan. The both above things are logistical problem, but the former is a minor problem, mainly affecting morale, while the latter is likely to destabilize Taiwans own security. However, Taiwans top security officials are far more subordinate to the United States than Ukraines President Volodymyr Zelensky. Therefore, perhaps the United States policy of transferring armaments to Taiwan has already been decided, and Taiwans Department of Defense is just negotiating the details of the implementation. There is no doubt that this move will push Taiwan to the brink of war and cause the destruction of the whole Taiwan and invisibly proves the the plan of destroying Taiwan that Biden disclosed by chance a few days ago. How should compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait treat it? In this Cross-Strait Talk forum, the China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) specially invited Chiu Yi, the three-term legislator in Taiwan and member of the KMT Central Committee to discuss the topic of The United States wants to liberate Taiwan by ammunition, and is the plan of destroying Taiwan really going to be carried out?’”, focusing on the questions as following: what is the meaning of Taiwan authorities taking the initiative to store US ammunition; why does the Taiwan authorities always obey the US; how should Taiwan compatriots protect themselves; what should Taiwan compatriots do when Bidens the plan of destroying Taiwan is gradually put into practice, etc. Luo Dingjun, the Secretary General of the China Cross-Straits Research Academy (Hong Kong), served as the moderator of the meeting.

Chiu Yi said that it has long been rumored that the United States will build Taiwan into the largest weapons and ammunition depot in East Asia, on that occasion, the United States will transfer some of its weapons and ammunition from Japan, South Korea and the Philippines to Taiwan. Just recently, Chiu Kuo-cheng, Taiwans Defense Minister, confirmed that the news was true and stressed that the matter was under way. Chiu Kuo-cheng also said that there are two reasons for the mainland to use military force to reunify Taiwan, one is the visit of Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, to Taiwan, and the other is the update of US-Taiwan military cooperation, that is, the United States is currently building Taiwan as the largest ammunition depot in East Asia.

The United States has always wanted to turn Taiwan into a second Ukraine, and Antony J. Blinken, the US Secretary of State, even claimed that Taiwan question is not Chinas internal affairs, apparently wanting to interfere in the Taiwan question as a world policeman. However, Taiwan and Ukraine have different geographical characteristics. Taiwan is an island isolated in the sea. If a war occurred between Taiwan and the mainland, it will be very difficult for the United States to transport weapons and ammunition to Taiwan. Therefore, it is bound to be deployed in advance in order to let Taiwan fight a proxy war for the United States. The weapons and ammunition that the United States centralize on Taiwan basically serve the implementation of asymmetric warfare, aiming at continuously improve Taiwans capability of asymmetric warfare, luring the Peoples Liberation Army of China (PLA) to land in Taiwan island to carry out the urban street fighting, and depleting the PLAs military strength by resolute defense, multi-domain deterrence. The direct consequence of this is that Taiwan will become ruins, and the people of Taiwan will become cannon fodder for the United States to confront mainland China.

If the United States wants to centralize the storage of weapons and ammunition in Taiwan, it will certainly transport them with warships and transport planes. The warships and transport planes will be bound to enter the Kaohsiung Harbor and the other airports in Taiwan, and the accompanying US troops will also land in Taiwan. After the United States has concentrated its weapons and ammunition on Taiwan, a large number US military will also enter Taiwan to assist the Taiwan military. These acts trampling on the red line of the Chinese mainland violate the Anti-Secession Law, and also offer a reason for the mainland to use military force to reunify Taiwan.

The United States wants to build the largest weapons and ammunition depot in Taiwan, which is closely related to its plan of destroying Taiwan. In the future, once the United States finds that its plan of Taiwan is not as its wishes, it will use the weapons and ammunition stored in Taiwan to blow up Taiwan, impute to the mainland, and uses this as an excuse to impose sanctions on the mainland in the international community. The United States uses Taiwan to carry out a proxy war without any loss to the United States, and at the same time, it can sanction mainland China and maintain the hegemony of the United States in the world, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

The vicious intention of the United States is obvious. Taiwan is in a very dangerous situation but doesnt realize it. A few days ago, Wang Chien-hsuan, founder of the New Party, announced that he would run for the leadership of the Taiwan region in 2024. At the age of 85, he would rather drag himself into politics. Although he known that he could not go to the end of the election, he insisted on doing it. Because he wants to be a magical mirror. He put forward the campaign slogan of using peaceful method to achieve reunification, which can not only force the New Party to return to the right track, but also force the candidates of the Blue camp to make a positive statement instead of yielding to the populism of Taiwan independence.

In addition to the wonderful speeches delivered by the guests, the online audience also actively participated in the interactive Q&A on the topic. The problems of the audience concerned include many aspects. For example, how the people of Taiwan should deal with the plan of destroying Taiwan and there is a huge difference in military power between Taiwan and the mainland, does the United States have further considerations to avoid a quick war between the two sides, etc. All the guests at the meeting answered these questions, and the discussion was heated, highlighting the great concern of young people and scholars on Cross-Strait on the issue.

Chiu Yi held that although the mainland can easily crush Taiwan in terms of military strength, it must not underestimate Taiwan. As the saying goes, if you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Only when the mainland understands the Taiwan independence and even the backers behind them thoroughly will it be able to grasp exactly time, strategy and plan for the reunification of Taiwan. In fact, the mainlands reunification action has already begun. Reunification is the most important national defense work for the mainland in the future, and it is also the trend of the times. Therefore, the closer we get to the goal, the more cautious we should be.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Chiu Yi pointed out that Taiwan has been hovering on the edge of life and death, and the people of Taiwan should wake up early and deeply realize that the best policy for them is to let the two sides of the strait enter the process of peaceful reunification as soon as possible.

Through a brief one hour online exchange, more than 330 people from both sides of the strait gathered to discuss the topic of The US wants to liberate Taiwan by ammunition, and is the plan of destroying Taiwan really going to be carried out?’” to promote cross-strait exchanges with practical actions, and make contributions to maintaining cross-strait peace and development. As the cross-strait exchange activity synchronized with Cross-Strait Talk and Smart Youth Integration in the Four Places, the Cross-Strait Youth Perspective Forum, which launched by China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong), is mainly characterized by gathering authoritative scholars and media worker from Cross-Strait and four places. They will listen to the voice of the Strait, pay attention to the hot spots on both sides of Taiwan Strait, take a global vision, and make a new voice based on both sides of the strait and facing the world.