Press release of the 114th meeting of "Cross-Strait talk"
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At 7:30 p.m. on January 31, the 114th “Cross-Strait Talk” (General 190th), hosted by China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) and Xiamen Qidataixiang Entrepreneurship Service Co., Ltd., was successfully held at the Tencent Conference with the theme of “The selection results and analysis of the top ten news stories of the China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) in 2022”.

The Spring Festival of the Rabbit Year in 2023 has just passed, and compatriots on both sides are still immersed in the holiday. Looking back on the whole year of 2022, Taiwan, both sides of the strait and the international situation are treacherous. Combined with the prospect of the whole rabbit year in 2023, the China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) finally selected the top ten news stories in 2022 after many netizens' selection at the end of the year of 2022. In this “Cross-Strait Talk”, China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) specially invited experts and scholars from both sides of the Straits, including Li Xiaobing, Executive Director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Law Research Center of Nankai University, Liu Xingren, Associate Professor of the University of Culture of China, Wang Fengshou, Researcher of the Beijing-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Research Center of Beijing United University, Doctor of the Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University, and Song Siwei, Master of the National Development Research Institute of Political University, to exchange views on the topic of “The selection results and analysis of the top ten news stories of the China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) in 2022”, focusing on discussing the results of the selection of the top ten news stories in 2022 by the China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong), and the analysis of the overall situation in 2023 from the top ten news stories. Luo Dingjun, Secretary General of the China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong), served as the host of the meeting.  

China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) Top 10 News Rankings in 2022


Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has intensified the situation in the Taiwan Strait!


Taiwan’s “Nine-in-One Election”, Blue Camp defeated Green Camp! Tsai Ing-wen resigned as chairman of the party!


The 20th National Congress of the CPC was successfully held in Beijing!


Plagiarism of candidates’ papers in the “Nine-in-One Election”! The academic reputation of Taiwan's universities will be greatly damaged!


Taiwan people call for the resumption of the “Small three links”! Taiwan Merchants Association of seven cities in Fujian and 8000 people in Jinmen sign jointly!


Taiwan youth had been going to Cambodia to work and being swindled endlessly, and more than 100 people in Taiwan are reduced to “piglets”!


On the 30th anniversary of the “1992 Consensus”, the mainland discussed enthusiastically while the Taiwan side handled coldly!


Taiwan March 3rd blackout affected 5.5 million households!


Taiwan's public security has been worsening, and from the murder of the Tainan police to the 88 shots fired by the suspect before the 9-in-1 elections, the whole Taiwan was shocked!


NBA superstar Dwight Howard joined Taiwan's T1 professional basketball league Taoyuan Leopards! A sensation in the Asian basketball world!


Li Xiaobing said that from the content of the top ten news of the China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) in 2022, it is very compatible, covering hot topics of concern from all walks of life on both sides. In 2022, Pelosi's visit to Taiwan had a huge impact on cross-strait relations, which was also an important node in the transformation of cross-strait relations. The United States has continued to intervene in the Taiwan Strait issue, and various small actions have been taken. The Blue-Green Camp in Taiwan has also been torn up because of the "Nine-in-One Election". However, the results of the "Nine-in-One Election" have severely hit the die-hards of Taiwan independence in the Dark Green of the island, and various signs indicate that the Democratic Progressive Party has been negatively evaluated and even abandoned by the people in the island. With the resignation of Tsai Ing-wen, the resignation of Su Tseng-chang, and the seizing of power by Lai Ching-te, the island's political structure has undergone major changes. In the future, the ruling of the Green Camp will continue to be questioned and challenged. The Kuomintang should take this opportunity to make a difference. At the same time, the mainland should seize the opportunity to continuously promote the development of cross-strait relations.

Liu Xingren pointed out that from the content distribution of the top ten news, the voters have paid more attention to the Taiwan issue, cross-strait relations, issues within Taiwan and the mainland under Sino-US relations. Among them, Sino-US relations are the most important bilateral relations and order maintainers in the contemporary world. The quality of Sino-US relations directly affects global stability and security. At present, the Russia-Ukraine conflict is intensifying, Europe and America and the global economy are in recession, and the damage of COVID-19 remains. After Pelosi's visit to Taiwan set off a huge storm, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy is preparing to lead a delegation to visit Taiwan. Whether it is in April next year or at the end of the year or before the New year, the timing must be considered, and it will also have a certain impact on Taiwan's 2024 election.

Wang Fengshou proposed that, to a large extent, Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is all about an idea presented by Americ, that is, the so-called value alliance. The mainland proved strength, while the Taiwan side predicted danger. To make up for the lack of hard power, the United States would exert extreme influence on the soft power level, that is, affect public opinion. The hope is to split the public opinion of Chinese Mainland by creating provocative events and force the Chinese government to make a difficult choice, for which Chinese Mainland has also demonstrated its unity, stability and resilience. In the future, the great power competition between China and the United States will not stop and it will be difficult to win or lose, but the competition of soft power will eventually give way to the competition of hard power. All parties are also closely observing the respective development curves of China and the United States in 2023. In fact, all countries and regions in the world are paying close attention to the personnel layout and relevant policy propositions of the 20th CPC National Congress, and the development of Chinese Mainland will leap to a new stage every time it has experienced hardships. The Taiwan policy in the report of the 20th CPC National Congress is not only anti-Taiwan independence, but also anti-external intervention. The unity and firmness of the political will of the mainland is an important cornerstone of the possible military struggle in the future.

Song Siwei said that among the ten major news, there are four aspects closely related to cross-strait relations. Pelosi's visit to Taiwan has had a major impact on cross-strait relations. The convening of the 20th CPC National Congress is of great significance to China's internal affairs and diplomacy and has a great impact on cross-strait relations. The ending of the COVID-19 epidemic and the opening after the 20th CPC National Congress has also brought benefits to cross-strait exchanges. At present, the “Small three links” are being liberalized under many restrictions. If the civil exchanges between the two sides can be successfully restored, it will also have a significant effect on the recovery of cross-strait relations. Over the past 30 years of the "1992 Consensus", cross-strait relations have experienced ups and downs. Unfortunately, it is at a low ebb. The possibility of promoting peaceful reunification will only increase if the prosperity of cross-straits exchanges is restored.

In addition to the wonderful speeches delivered by the guests, the online audience also actively participated in the interactive Q&A on the topic. Questions from the audience concerned the analysis of Taiwan's internal situation and the situation in the Taiwan Strait and the international situation in 2023, and whether the mainland should unify and then civilize Taiwan or civilize and then unify Taiwan. All the guests at the meeting answered these questions, and the discussion was heated, highlighting the great concern of young people and scholars on cross-strait on the issue.

Among them, Li Xiaobing mentioned that 2022 may be a new starting point for the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. After Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, cross-strait relations have taken on a new pattern. The Russia-Ukraine war has also given the people of Taiwan a new reflection and should have a new understanding of "one country, two systems". The Chinese people's sense of identity with the country is spontaneous and is the cultural precipitation of thousands of years. The relationship between the two sides of the straits is not about who is being enlightened by whom. Instead, the two sides should open their hearts and remove obstacles, find the best solution to reach consensus, and jointly move towards a path consistent with the development trend. Liu Xingren believes that the voices of suspicion of the United States continue to appear in the island recently, which indicates that young people have been gradually reflecting and have new thoughts on cross-strait relations. The crisis is also a turning point. Young people on both sides of the Straits should face up to the problem bravely and solve the problem. In the post-pandemic era, dialogue and exchanges between the two sides should be restarted. Many aspects of the situation have changed from three years ago. We should take the situation into consideration and start anew from the new situation. Wang Fengshou pointed out that the mainland and Taiwan are within one community. Through political tacit understanding and political consultation, the two sides will rebuild a new republic through political rationality. Therefore, there is no question of who will be unified or enlightened. The two sides have common roots in tracing back to the source. They should face the future together and put forward a vision that the people on both sides are willing to accept. At this stage, the ideological differences between the two sides are not really contradictions. Both sides should abandon prejudice and take advantage of each other to integrate and develop. Song Siwei said that in the next election, Blue Camp should focus on the discussion of cross-strait relations, the expression of past cooperation experience or the prospect of the cooperation framework based on the "1992 Consensus", and actively promote the friendly atmosphere between the two sides and create a favorable atmosphere for the rotation of political parties in the island. In addition to paying attention to the internal affairs and cross-strait relations, the public should pay more attention to the international situation, which will help to form a rational analysis and judgment of the overall situation.

At the summary of the meeting, Li Xiaobing said that as long as we maintain the openness and creativity of the practice of "one country, two systems", constantly expand the width and breadth of the practice of "one country, two systems", and constantly improve the height and level of the practice of "one country, two systems", we can find a way to get along with the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and steadily promote the historical process of national reunification. Liu Xingren pointed out that the two sides of the strait should continue to move forward through reflection and exploration, the mainland should stick to faith and move forward firmly, and the people of Taiwan should also face the cross-strait issues with a more open mind, so as to reach the most favorable development path for Taiwan. Wang Fengshou believes that after the chaotic 2022, 2023 is an opportunity for cross-strait relations to ease, but when the storm is coming, we should be ready  at any time. We should not only face the reality soberly, but also strive for a better situation for each other with goodwill. Song Siwei said that the impact of the epidemic in recent years has exhausted the whole world. In 2023, it is hoped that all countries in the world should seize the opportunity to recuperate with their people, accumulate and prepare for development, rather than continue to speculate about each other's "calculation", and jockey for “personal interests”.

Through a brief 2-hour online exchange, more than 160 people from both sides of the strait gathered to discuss the topic of “The selection results and analysis of the top ten news stories of the China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong) in 2022”, to promote cross-strait exchanges with practical actions, and make contributions to maintaining cross-strait peace and development.

As the cross-strait exchange activity synchronized with “Cross-Strait Talk” and “Smart Youth Integration in the Four Places”, the Cross-Strait Youth Perspective Forum, which is launched by China Cross-Strait Academy (Hong Kong), is mainly characterized by gathering authoritative scholars and media worker from Cross-Strait and four places. They will listen to the voice of the Strait, pay attention to the hot spots on both sides of Taiwan Strait, take a global vision, and make a new voice based on both sides of the strait and facing the world.